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About the Condition

Some children will have problems with their feet especially whilst growing. They may present early with hereditary foot conditions.

The podiatrist will assess the childs foot posture and activity and may prescribe exercises or an orthotic is necessary.

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Nuala has looked after my feet for many years and has always done a great job.

Joan 74

The clinic is so welcoming, the staff are most kind, you always feel better coming out.

Marion 60

I had a complicated injury to my foot that was giving me hip pain. Nuala prescribed custom made orthotics that have got rid of my pain. Excellent service.

Scott 55

Nuala is always so professional and will always listen. I would recommend this clinic

Carmel 64

I have three sons who have had trouble with in growing toe nails, Nuala has treated them all and no problems since.


The receptionists Bernie and Su are so kind, nothing is any trouble. I have had treatment from Nuala and Paul and feel much better for it.

Ann 60

Nuala picked up on a problem with my foot and advised me to go to my G.P to be sent on to the hospital to a vascular surgeon. I had an operation on my leg and I am much better now. I am grateful to Nuala for picking up on this.

Micheal 65

I go to Nuala every year to check my feet as I have diabetes

Mary 65

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