Acupuncture & Dry Needling Treatment

Acupuncture and dry needling are great forms of soft tissue treatment. Acupuncture has been used as a treatment in China for over 2000 years. Dry needling, first developed in America, has seen a huge rise to international prominence in recent times. They both involve the placing of a very fine needle into an area of muscle, tendon or joint to help decrease pain and promote healing.


Benefits of Acupuncture & Dry Needling

  • Target the points that are a direct source of pain
  • Get deep into the problem areas
  • Help to improve healing
  • Improve muscle and joint function
  • Great for treating certain types of headache
  • Acupuncture can help with desensitising the neural system
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Acupuncture v Dry Needling

The difference between them is one of technique. Dry needling tends to be more vigorous and targets a “twitch response”, a deep down release of the muscle to ease pain. Acupuncture, generally is a little more gentle and aims to stimulate the flow of vital energy around the body to help promote healing and relaxtion. It helps to desensitise the neural system which may be responsible for the pain experience.

At Bandon Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic we use acupuncture and dry needling as an adjunct, along with our hands on work, to help you recover. Our skilled physiotherapists sometimes do both.

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Hear from Our Successful Clients

Would definitely recommend Paul to treat any neck problem. I came in with a neck problem and after years of suffering with it Paul diagnosed the condition and explained what had gone wrong and how to fix it. He got to work on it and gave me specific exercises and the results have been amazing.

Michael, 47Neck Pain

I saw Paul for my back pain, he was calm and understanding and really listened. He provided excellent treatment and provided me with a home exercise programme. Best of all I’m cured after 2 sessions.

Kathleen, 61Back Pain

I had a shoulder injury that was giving me grief when I played golf. I saw Paul about this. He was so knowledgeable and in a few sessions he had me back playing golf again. I can’t believe I suffered with this pain for so long. Would highly recommend Bandon Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic.

JohnShoulder Injury

I had knee surgery some months ago and my recovery had plateau’d, I came to see Paul, upon recommendation, and together with his hands on treatment and exercises I have made huge progress. I fear I’d never have progressed if it were not for Paul. It was excellent that there were late evening appointments which meant I didn’t have to take any time of work.

Dermot, 54Knee Injury

Thanks so much Andrea for all your support throughout my pregnancy and after. The advice you gave me has been fantastic and I feel I’m back to my pre pregnancy state. I’m very grateful for your help and support.

Sinead, 35Women's Health

Paul was really reassuring on my first visit after I had fallen over whilst running and hurt my ankle. He explained exactly what the damage was and gave me a time line for recovery so I knew what to expect. I had a few more treatments and he adapted the exercises each time. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable and I definitely felt I was in safe hands.

Aoife, 32Sports Injury

Andrea was great when I took my 3 month old baby who had a flat head and preferred to look to the right. My GP recommended I go and see Andrea. When I went, Andrea taught me so many tips and exercises to deal with the problem. Not only did she address this issue but I came away with so much more knowledge on how to help with my baby’s development. I’m so glad I went.

Jean, 37Paeds

I attended Sarah for my hip/groin pain. She was very understanding and diagnosed the cause of the pain and explained it clearly to me. She treated me with hands on and dry needling which gave me great pain relief. In addition I was given exercises to progress my rehab. Thanks Sarah!


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